Pot Luck


Pot Luck is a Spike Milliganish humorous take on menus; as well as raising awareness of the unusual creatures in the animal kingdom.

Great for kids, teenagers & adults with the right humour.

Send a mad Menu to your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or even your Nan.

Personalise it by typing in your own heading e.g. Sunday Lunch – Our School Dinner Today – Our Dinner Tonight – Valentine etc.

Let your Mischievous imagination go!

All the names of the wildlife & ingredients are real, but most of the creatures are on the endangered species list.

So if you do see a Dumbo Octopus on your local fish counter or a haunch of Whip Tailed Wallaby hanging up at your Butchers, please do not purchase ! And inform your Fishmonger or Butcher of the above information.

Also it would be cruel & illegal to cook them &  they would probably be unfit for human consumption.

Just give Pot Luck a shake and you will create original Zany menus in seconds.

Chef's Pro


The objective of this app is to be able to facilitate as many ideas & abbreviated recipes as possible. Designed for Chefs/Cooks that have the fundamentals of cuisine, who can recognise methods & ingredients and have the aptitude to prepare and cook with their own judgement.

It is impossible for the most informed of us to remember the encyclopaedic knowledge food & cookery especially at work when feeling jaded, under pressure or operating on tight time constraints.

In todays world you need a fast and to the point device you can rely on at anytime. Menu Magician App will immediately target your search bang! Don’t like that choice, bang! on to the next, quick ideas, no faffing around or distractions.

Ideas you create & want to keep; then save to your own personal reference book provided in Menu Magician or send your Menu immediately from your phone.

Once you have connected to Chef/Pro and plugged in you will be permanently amping in to this extraordinary encyclopaedic generator. Focus on an area from Game to Gateaux or from Crumble to Charcuterie.

Just give Menu Magician a shake and you will create original menus in seconds.

Eating History

Eating History has been worked on for many years and is still work in progress The site will be a huge digitised archive of British Menus encompassing many genres from Political Functions to Victorian Restaurants & from Great Military Dinners to Historical Shipping.

Thousands of amazing menus of great Historical importance will be online.


Menu Magician ­ The Ultimate’ Culinary Encyclopaedic Generator.

Download “Menu Magician: Pot Luck” free for iPhone, iPad, and Android.



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